Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Title:-CS GO 2012
Genre:-Action / FPS
Release Date:-2012
Release Info:- Repack | 2.62GB
System Req. C2D 2Ghz | 1GB | 256MB GFX
Languages:-English*, German*, French*, Italian*, Spanish*, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - the new multiplayer first-person shooter, designed to deepen and refine the very command game mechanics "five by five," for which all the love and Counter-Strike.
The program of entertainment includes a Global Offensive brand new maps, characters and weapons, and the mountain of "classic" things like de_dust and other religious levels, a small post-perestroika. A pile of original game modes, board leaders, and lobby for the indispensable men - they are also included.
The game works only in online mode. Bots are not yet working.
Tableka updated. Now nothing but a set TRIMS do not need it. All the necessary steps to successfully run the game ustanovochnik do myself.

Installation Instruction:-
1.Mount / Set
2.Follow the instructions of the installer.
3.After installation, you must get the generated file client.dll for your system (without a game will not work!)
The main feature of this turnip, you need a license, you can clinet.dll Generate two ways.
4.Ask for a license from the other for a while, run licensed game at home, thus you yourself will generate a file.
5.Or get with Generator DLL for the generated files, start the generator rv pope game
Click "Request generation" (if there is a free Steam account, it runs), otherwise try again in 10 minutes.
After all goes well, run the Update button game.
6.After generating the file client.dll, you can play.

On file generation client.dll:-
Many people know what to play at pirates in KSGO possible, but it needs a license from client.dll generated by your computer.You run the Launcher-generator.exe, it runs STEAM, brings back data from the license account and then starts the game. For everything you have 10 minutes. Or will account for the generation of another user.
Reminds! Restriction to generate 10 minutes. (Per hour Generate no more than 6 people.) Will be more akkov litsushnyh will be more people per hour. If someone does not have time to try again later!!

Features Of Repack:-
-Do not cut / no recoded
-added generator DLL
-Game Version:-
-A distinctive feature of our SIDE is completely Avtoobnolenie client.
-Repack from:-Novgames

• Download Links:-
  http://adfoc.us/9030813741710 -SafeLink (UN)

  http://adfoc.us/9030813837962 -SafeLink (RG)

 http://adfoc.us/9030813838016 -SafeLink (RY)

  Password:- EveryThing Free 4U

- Uploaded.Net / RapidGator / RyuShare

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